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The assessment begins with a thorough history taking and progresses to the physical assessment.  It starts with observation of posture and functional movements.  It then progresses to external assessment of connective tissue/trigger points, range of motion and strength testing, and neural involvement.  If deemed necessary, additional orthopaedic manual tests will be carried out at this time. 

If the patient is seeking pelvic health care, an internal exam is recommended and assesses connective tissue, trigger points, prolapse and pelvic floor muscle strength/endurance and coordination. 

Please note that the internal exam is not mandatory, but does provide extremely valuable information which guides appropriate and effective treatment.


All information provided and discussed is confidential between you and your physiotherapist.

We strive on providing a safe and comfortable place for women to discuss their issues in a private and confidential manner. 

The only time your specific circumstance may be discussed with third parties is with your prior consent or through the referral of your doctor.


Pelvic Health Assessment - $110.00
Pelvic Health Treatments - $90.00

Orthopaedic Assessment - $85.00
Orthopaedic Treatments - $60.00

Physiotherapy is not covered by OHIP, can be covered by extended insurance which includes physiotherapy. 

A doctors referral is not necessary, unless needed by your insurance provider.