Collingwood Physiotherapy

A Note From the Owner......

I would like to say thank you for taking the time to look through our website and to read about us. If you are perusing through the website it likely means that you are needing some help or wanting to be proactive with your health and well-being. And woman to woman, I can say that you have come to the right place!

I have had a long time vision, since my early university days, to create a women’s health centre- a place where women could go to address their physical, emotional and psychological well-being. And it has been a journey to get to this place. 

I first started Higher Function Physiotherapy back in 2011 where I was focusing on orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapy for both men and women. I then branched out in 2015 and opened a clinic which just specialized in women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. The vision was starting to grow!

I eventually made the jump to a space that would allow more growth and began building a team of talented, caring and strong practitioners. And so became Higher Function Women’s Health Centre. 

I have always had an understanding that we are more than just our physical entity and that we need to take care of all aspects of our selves to feel full. At Higher Function Women’s Health Centre you can have confidence that you are being fully cared as we help you achieve your "highest function."