Vagina, vagina, vagina

Say it out loud, "vagina, vagina, vagina!"

Seriously! Did you say it out loud? If you did, did you say it shyly? Or with a bold statement? Did it make you blush a little or make you feel proud?

For most women this is a hard thing to say. We don't really like using the word. We even teach kids silly nicknames so we can avoid saying it. Mine growing up was coo coo! What was yours? I'm sure there's some good ones out there!

As pelvic floor physiotherapist, I say this word multiple times throughout the day and a word I have become very comfortable with.  Sadly not everyone has this comfort. As I speak to my patients I can see some become quite uncomfortable, especially if they have to describe certain aspects around this. But the fact that they have come to see me means they have likely talked about it or have researched it on their own.

Where does the shame, or embarrassment come from?

Sadly I feel this contributes to a huge number of women not expressing concerns regarding their vaginas or pelvic floor, and therefore suffering in silence with incontinence, frequency, bowel dysfunction, painful intercourse, prolapse and the list goes on.

Come on ladies, we need to be more open to speaking about this area of taboo. Have a conversation with your doctor, nurse practitioner, naturopath, etc, if you are having any concerns as they can help direct you to a pelvic floor physiotherapist. And now that you know there is help, have that conversation with your girlfriends too!